We manufacture metal parts by precision machining processes, lathing and computer numerical control milling, tool manufacturing and project development.

Our work is mainly based on the development of customised jobs, either from plans provided by the client, or taking ready-made pieces as a model.

However, to consult any of our activities, or a quote for our products and/or services, you only have to contact our customer service department, either by filling in the form in the contact section, or by calling 968 88 98 10 – 968 93 81 50. We will be delighted to help you.

CNC Milling

It is made up of 14 CNC machining centres, eight of which have a palletised table for the manufacture of large series of parts. 4 of these machining centres are prepared with 4th axis, which allows us to manufacture spindles, circular cams…, and with high resolution in data reading for perfect finishes in 3D surface machining.

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Technical office

A true production centre for the entire industry, from which six people are responsible for designing and carrying out the machining of parts using state-of-the-art computer engineering programs. We work both from plans and from samples supplied by the customer.

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CNC lathing

This department is made up of seven numerical control lathes, equipped with motorised turrets and Y-axis milling for finishing parts in a single position. Turning on the bed of up to 1000mm and a distance between points of up to 1600mm.

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Metrology and verification

Composed of a presetter machine for measurement, examination, and preparation of tools. Composed by a presetter machine for measurement, examination, and preparation of tools for a greater precision in our machining. We have measurement standards certified by calibration laboratories accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity), in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO/EC 17025 standard. We ensure correct compliance with the guidelines laid down by the ISO 9001 standard throughout the product manufacturing process and thus meet our customers’ requirements.

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Auxiliary machinery

Parallel lathes, conventional milling machines, CNC shaping machines, threading machines, column drills and automatic saws, among others, are part of this section.

In the example images, the one in the centre (a screen appears) must go to Metrology and Verification.

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